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The Famous Gimli Glider

Hello and Welcome to Nothing Ever Happens in Canada, but we know this is simply not true! I'm Canadian Girl, thanks for joining me today on our next adventure. Grab your aviation hats as we board Air Canada flight 143 back in July of 1983. The flight was supposed to go from Montreal Quebec to Edmonton Alberta but suddenly had to make an emergency landing just outside of Gimli Manitoba at an old RCAF base, at least that's where they thought they were landing. Join me now as we look at this unbelievable tale of the famous Gimli Glider and it's Heroic Crew. Website - see the show notes and more! Find Everything ⚠️World Health Organization - WHO - COVID-19 Info Support the Show Leave a shiny 5 🌟 review and get a Shiny Hologram sticker in the mail Souvenir Shop - Merch 🇨🇦🛍 Make a donation to channel 🔵PayPal  or at A part of the Straight Up Strange Network, check us out! NEW MERCH - BE STRANGE 🖖🏼👽  I really do appreciate your comments, you can email me at 📧 [email protected]  or contact me on social media at 📣 @nothingcanada on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.   We are now on YouTube ▶️ Pod Nation Playlist - The Aliens 🛸 ⚠️World Health Organization - WHO - COVID-19 Info Show notes

See actual bike and one of the boys from that day

You tube videos See picture from that day and the museum

Picture from See a picture of one of the survivors from flight 143


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